IT all started with…

The question "what are you still doing here?" Asked by a colleague at Coolblue. Where I enjoyed working for 5 years. Yet I noticed that something was missing. I was almost non-stop busy with what do my colleagues eat for lunch en what are they eating tonight? How can this be healthier en more sustainable? Yes, exactly, until my colleagues really went crazy with me. More and more I heard them didn't have time to cook , but would really like to eat healthier. "Can't you cook for me, Maaike?"

That was a trigger for me! With a passion for nutrition and health, combined with a completed study in Plant-Based Nutrition, I started EAT.PEASY. In the beginning next to my job at Coolblue and since July 2019 fulltime!

The proof is in the pudding

We are convinced that eating a healthy meal is not difficult or harmful to the planet. We don't just believe this, we show you! The proof is in the pudding, or in our case meals...

  • Meals cooked for you: scientifically proven healthy, very tasty, varied and sustainable.
    • Completely plant-based: good for you, good for the planet.
  • Delivered with an electric cargo bike at various locations in Rotterdam: at home, at work, at your gym.


Our mission

Let you and many others experience how tasty, versatile and healthy plant-based food is! We believe in steps. You do not have to switch completely, but let us inspire you! We don't do:

  • Bland meals. Simply great dishes with a lot of taste
  • Rabbit food. But, nice hot meals
  • Vegan junkfood. Meals with balanced nutritional values ​​that give you energy. That is only comfort food 
  • Ingredients that are unrecognizable on the package. We mostly work with wholefoods

Ready to be inspired? 

mowing cooks

Our sources of inspiration

Documentaries / films

  • The Gamechangers: 2019, Netflix
  • Before the Flood: 2016, Netflix
  • Forks about Knives: 2011, Netflix
  • Cowspiracy: 2014, Netflix
  • What The Health: 2017, Netflix
  • Earthlings: 2005, YouTube


(Cooking) books


  • How Not To Die: 2015, Michael Greger & Gene Stone
  • How are we going to explain this: 2019, Jelmer Mommers
  • Sapiens: 2011, Yuval Noah Harari
  • Eating Animals: 2009, Jonathan Safran Foer


  • The How Not To Die Cookbook: 2017, Michael Greger & Gene Stone
  • Deliciously Ella The Plant-Based Cookbook: 2018, Ella Mills
  • BISH BASH BOSH: 2019, Henry Firth & Ian Theasby

Blogs / websites


Info about health / nutrition

Info about why vegetable food