how it works

You choose

Individual meal (s) from the weekly menu or an EAT.PEASY subscription. Order before 10: 00 to receive your meals that same day.

We deliver

Monday to Thursday. Free into your home Rotterdam between 15:30 PM and 18:30 PM. Or at a collection point in Rotterdam or Berkel en Rodenrijs.

You warm up

Max. 15 minutes in the oven or 3 minutes in the microwave. Scan the QR code on your packaging for the instructions.

You enjoy

From your extra time, your super tasty vegetable meal and extra energy. Good for you, good for the planet!

Would you?

> With ease super tasty meals on the table?

> More energy of meals full of vitamins and fiber?

> Something more space in your busy week?

> Try it or plant-based food something for you?

Then this package is perfect for you! What's in it?

4 vegetable meals, varied and nutritious (± 500 grams per meal) + 2 snacks for only € 40

I order from EAT.PEASY because it suits my lifestyle. I like to stay fit and feel energized with these meals when I go for a run. My favorite meal is the Orzo with Pumpkin and (Kale) pesto. Tasty many different flavors in 1 meal.

I have an EAT.PEASY subscription for 2 days a week so that I can eat healthy and tasty those days without any effort. I now eat many things that I did not eat before and are also super tasty. My favorite is the Risotto with Green Asparagus, delicious!

With the EAT.PEASY subscription, I never have to worry about my busy lifestyle getting in the way of healthy eating. 3 times a week I get a meal that I eat for dinner or lunch, never again tasteless microwave meals or fatty pizzas due to time constraints. The curries in particular are really incredibly tasty.

I order one or more meals from EAT.PEASY almost every week. It is an easy way to eat both tasty and healthy. Original meals are always put on the menu, which I wouldn't prepare very quickly myself. For example, the Sri Lankan curry is one of my all time favorites!

With a busy job and a 1-person household, daily cooking is often quite inefficient if you want to keep eating varied, healthy and fresh. EAT.PEASY is a great and certainly affordable solution that I have been using with great pleasure for a number of months, so recommended!


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